Wednesday, May 12, 2010

FairyTopia : Almost Uprooted!

This is my story I am working on! Let me now what you think..insite and all is very welcome!!


Fairy Town is set on a small island in the middle of Fairytopia. A large oak tree

stands proud and tall in the middle. This tree serves as a main hub for the island! Along is

base nestles the active town. Main street is always buys with Fairy's bustling from here to

there. A black smith at one end houses bumble bee's, Joe's General Store sits close by.

Sally's Diner and the city hall push up against the oak. Right in the middle stands an old

white mansion ( but that my friends is a story in itself!) Fairy Grade school and Fairy High

school sit close together at one end while a beautiful meadow stretches out to one side! A

factory and other small businesses join in the busy town! Down a small winding road

canopied by Weeping Wisteria trees you find dozens of small fairy homes. Each is distinctive

to the type of fairy who live there!

At the end of a row of houses a path to the right leads to the sea shore. The path is

sandy, lined with sea shells. At night Lantern Fairy's hover in the air. The shore stretches out

like a blue blanket. Rocks, pebbles,shells, and drift wood sit in the sand.

The path to the left of the row of houses leads to the Forgotten Dead. A small part of

the island for all banished fairy's. The path is covered with snarly, dead, thorny trees. A

stench comes from it, and all fairy's are taught from a young age to stay far away!

The Wisteria Fairy's live above the path, there little houses nestled among the wisteria

blossoms. Ornate pillars on the front porch and a welcome mat made of prairy grass

welcomes you in. Inside couches made of bark and moss sit behind mushroom coffee tables,

dandelion rugs cover the floor.

The first row of houses we come to are the Pansy and Johnny Jump Up fairies. They

are a wayside fairy and sit back aways from the rest. They are a quite bunch and keep to

themselves mostly. Tulip, Buttercup, Daisy, and sunflower fairies live clustered together near

by. Many other fairies live scattered about. In the tops of the Elm trees that canopied the

cottages live the Elm fairies. Back in the top of the big oak tree live the Oak fairies.

All in all it was a quite and peaceful place! Never had there been any trouble on

fairytown, the warrior fairies had never been called out that much. But that was about to


Justin Blossom sighed, this heavy fog was getting to be to much! Even though Justin

has lived in the forgotten dead all 18 years of his life he had never gotten used to it like the

others had. Something inside of him new there was more out there than what he could see.

Some were out there, light, laughter, happiness, and good fairy's must live! Sighing heavily

again, justin sat back against the big rock he was sitting against. Justin is a Jazzmin fairy that

had been dropped off in the Forgotten Dead when he was just a baby. He had periwinkle

eyes, reddish blond hair, and a rugged look about him. Adding to it all he was one of the so

called warriors in the forgotten dead so there was a rugged warrior look about it.

A sharp crack jolted Justen from his dreaming. “ Who goes there?” his hands grabbing

for a rock as he asked. “Easy Justin, Its just me, David.” David was a guard in the Forgotten

Dead and was not one of Justin's most favorite people. “ What do you want?” he asked. “

Just making my security rounds,” David answered. “ Like anyone would ever want to get in

here!” Justin muttered under his breath! “ What was that you said boy!” Justin stood and

turned to walk away, “ oh, nothing” he tossed back over his shoulder! “ There has to be more

than this!” Justin argued with his mind. He was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he did not

notice nor here the weird and getting louder by the second humming noise until it was right

over head. “what in the world!” “Wonder what that could be?” He looked up but the fog was to

thick to see anything. Than as quickly as it had stopped. “ Odd...oh well!” He

shrugged his shoulders and began the walk back to the house he called home.


As the sun peaked in through the windows, Jazzmin Blossom smiled and turned

from cleaning her dagger! “ What a glorious day!' she sang out to no one particular! Jazzmin

is a jazzmin fairy as you may have already guessed! She had sparkling periwinkle eyes and

long reddish blond hair! She is a kind sweet fairy, yet always wanted to fight for her

country! Strong headed and firm in her way had gotten her in some trouble on a few

occasions! Yet she was determined that whenever her country needed her..she would be

there for them! As of yet...they had never had to call out the warrior fairy's.

Jazzmin looked at the time and jumped....almost 9 she would be late! On her way out the

door she snagged her dagger and pushed it into her leather pouch that hung at her waist.

Shutting the door behind her and taking a second to make sure it had locked Jazzmin

fluttered her wings and she was off..souring above the rooftops of the wayside fairs.

In no time Jazzmin was flying into Fairytown, she drooped from the ski and hurried by foot

past the black smith shop with a quick smile to Ed, the black smith and hurried on up the

steps to Joe's General Store! Stepping inside she smiled and sniffed the mixture of honey,

dried flowers, and many other spices filling the air. From the one corner of the store were the

small pipe stove was sat 6 rocking chairs and there was always the pugnant oder of

dandelion leaf!

Joe you here”? Jazzmin yelled to the back of the store! “ Be right there!” Jazzmin heard

some shuffling and than Joe the owner of the general store appeared! “ Hey Jazz!” “ What

brings you in today?” “Joe , stop playing, you now im here to listen in on the counsel meeting

this morning!” Joe chuckled “ ya, but I have to tease you some!” Jazzmin grinned and

punched him on the shoulder playfully! “ You now, for an older fairy , you still ant slowing

down!” “ And I have no intention on slowing down!” Joe defended as he folded his arms a

crossed his chest!

Before Jazzmin had a chance to say anything more on the matter, the door to the

General Store opened and the mayor and and sever other town officials entered! “ How did I

guess you would be here Jazzmin?” Mayor Danholf teased with a grin on his face! “ She is

are town ears, plus it does the women good to here all the news!” Joe piped up! “oh, I don't

mind!” Mayor Danholf smiled and moved to set up some chairs in preparation for the


Some time later ( about 15 min ) Mayor Danholf started the town meeting. 'Good Fairies

of this town!” he proclaimed in a load voice. “ I have some very grave news to tell you all.”

we have been informed that a swarm of Red Wasp have landed in the Forgotten dead and

have stirred up the rebellion!” A gasp spread through out the General Store! “ They are

launching an attack on Fairy Town!”

Monday, May 10, 2010

Let It Fly!

This I wrote about a year ago...but last weekend..I felt myself right back in this!!

The warm wind blows on my face. Its so peacfull and quite....yet somthing inside me is not! Its my wants to fly....some people say this is not good. They say " dont let your mind fly!" But me...I say it needs is mind needs to feel what it hears!
I let my mind flyes...there it is swishing through the tall brown grass, feeling what it hears! There it is riding the wind..feeling what it hears. There in the tree's with the singing birds, now over there , plashing through the lake, and than it fly's back to me , its felt what it needs to feel, its had time to breath!
You see , I get a time to breath, why not my mind! It feels traped some times.....let it fly!
Next weekend my mind will fly again!

First Post!

I have a "main" blog that I do my regular blogging from!

This shall I tell you about it! This is a different side of me...shall we call it, the older side of me, the side that should been born in the Pride and Prejudice aria!

I have allot of stuff that stays in even when I just blog..Its a part of me that does not get down on paper shall get down!

I dont need many followers on this blog..I dont need any at all! I would love them....but I can just have this..just for post..and then read!

Some...will be posted with many tears along side..some with much joy and happyness!

I do not want to offend I tell you now...Jesus has done so much for me..and He will be mentioned in here allot! <3


Noel <3