Monday, May 10, 2010

Let It Fly!

This I wrote about a year ago...but last weekend..I felt myself right back in this!!

The warm wind blows on my face. Its so peacfull and quite....yet somthing inside me is not! Its my wants to fly....some people say this is not good. They say " dont let your mind fly!" But me...I say it needs is mind needs to feel what it hears!
I let my mind flyes...there it is swishing through the tall brown grass, feeling what it hears! There it is riding the wind..feeling what it hears. There in the tree's with the singing birds, now over there , plashing through the lake, and than it fly's back to me , its felt what it needs to feel, its had time to breath!
You see , I get a time to breath, why not my mind! It feels traped some times.....let it fly!
Next weekend my mind will fly again!

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