Monday, May 10, 2010

First Post!

I have a "main" blog that I do my regular blogging from!

This shall I tell you about it! This is a different side of me...shall we call it, the older side of me, the side that should been born in the Pride and Prejudice aria!

I have allot of stuff that stays in even when I just blog..Its a part of me that does not get down on paper shall get down!

I dont need many followers on this blog..I dont need any at all! I would love them....but I can just have this..just for post..and then read!

Some...will be posted with many tears along side..some with much joy and happyness!

I do not want to offend I tell you now...Jesus has done so much for me..and He will be mentioned in here allot! <3


Noel <3

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